Sunday, December 20, 2015

working the snow-walking muscles

The greatest miracle of this week is that conference editions of the Liahona finally made it out to this lonely place on the earth's wide harvest fields. It's wonderful. I was looking forward to that more than Christmas, so I guess now it's back to normal life for this sister.

As for what I did this week, I got a little sick, so I was imprisoned indoors for a little bit, and then other than that ran around from place to place trying to talk to people and coaxing people to come to church. The usual.

Oh, and there was a New Years childrens' play activity thing that we got mixed up in (because the missionaries are a significant portion of the active members here), and it was a little bit of a nightmare. But it turned out good and a lot of people came. Also I'd like to share with you all that in Russia it is not the grinch that steals Christmas (uh, New Years), but rather Baba Yaga. I thought that was hilarious. She's the fabled old lady that lives in a house on chicken feet and eats children.

Baba Yaga was played by our awesome recent convert/ college student / language extraordinaire Uliyana. She is really cool, and helps us out a lot for how busy she is. This is her: "Hey, Uliyana, what's your favorite word in English?" "(thoughtful pause)...twelve!"

I have discovered that I actually hate hats so I've taken to wrapping huge scarves around my face and head. I've arrived. I'm Russian now. Sorry.

Looks like this letter is a short one. Christmas! I hope it's awesome. I love you all and pray for you!

If I ever take pictures I'll let you know.

Sister Rosa only-a-week-behind-in-her-journal Nielsen

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