Monday, April 18, 2016

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That's what's up

Unsurprisingly, I'm getting transferred down to Saratov this cycle. We'll leave tomorrow.

When I left Kazan it was on a Sunday, so the members didn't have time to protest much, but tonight I might offend some people if I don't finagle meeting. It'll be good though.

I know practically nothing about Saratov or how it is set up- Saratov zone is kind of like a whole different mission from Samara and Toliatti. There's a stake! I'm still not sure if my area is a branch or a ward, but I'll be serving in Zavodskoi, if that means anything to anyone. All I got out of it is that there's probably a lot of factories there. My companion, Sister Hines, is the only sister in the mission that I don't know, although I hear she's a cross-fit trainer, so that should be awesome (help! my mission's trying to make me healthy).

Anyway, this week.

Train to Samara, thought we were going to spend our whole time contacting, but not quite. We got to Bezi and the sisters had a lesson set up for us! With Regina, a super cool girl Sister Graham and I met on splits a month ago. She's looking for truth and extremely skeptical, but squishy on the inside and I love her. She reminds me a lot of myself. Like, Russian variant of Sister Nielsen. It was kind of a weird lesson (the branch building guard came and yelled at us and our investigator shot right back ("this is a church! Have some respect!" you tell 'em)) But she gave herself her own commitment, which was cool because we didn't have time to do it.

And zone conference, always great. Talked about all the missionary things and had root beer (??!) floats. Visa trip was pretty good too, the ones I've been on have been rife with gossip and this one was 300% better in that regard. Also our bus waited in line forever on the other side of the border, so we tried some food from the sketchiest shack, and none of us got sick.

So of course we were in our area for two and a half days this week. The weather switched from winter to summer real fast. Can't complain.

Study the scriptures and love whatever you're doing. It'll make it better.

Please enjoy the most notable picture of me from this week, featuring "sushi-rito", yes, a sushi burrito (three flavor options: fajitas, chicken barbeque, and curry). That's what happens when you don't have time to go home for dinner. (do they have those in america? I was going to say I hope not, but honestly it wasn't bad)

Also bonus bridge to Asia because I forgot to send pictures of the p-day when we went to the walking bridge over the Ural river (I still don't buy that Europe and Asia are different continents, but whatever).

I love you! make good choices!
Sister Nielsen

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