Wednesday, June 10, 2015

MCT Week 1

Hey family & friends!

If you're on this list and don't want to be, feel free to unsubscribe at any time! Thank you to those who have sent letters and if you're not on a mission allow me to give a plug for Dear Elder. If you want to get a letter to me fast or not during my limited computer time go on You may need to know that I leave the MTC august 4th, my mission code is RUS-SAM, and my unit number is #113.

My district has 9 people total, three sets of sisters and 3 elders. I was going to stick in a picture of the district but I didn't have my camera that day, I'm waiting for another sister to send it to me. My companion is the only other sister that studied Russian, she took 102 at BYU, so she's way better than me at grammar, and I think I'm better at understanding what other people say and it works out. 

The language is going all right, it's a really good thing I know some of it, I can't imagine how hard it would be if I couldn't read or write in Russian yet. I'm scared about verbs, though. Nouns I know a lot of and you can act them out and they're cognates, but there are thousands of Russian verbs and they all sound the same. For example, "dom" means home. Like "domestic". Easy as pie. Mmm, pie. But I would never in a million years guess that "prisoyedinyatsya" means "to join", you know? Right now I think we have more sisters here than elders, which is cool, but when all the eighteen year old boys graduate from high school we'll get more of them this summer. In my zone there are maybe 14 sisters and 6 elders? We had a bunch leave right after we came in, some going to Russia, and then the people going to Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk all went to the spain MTC for their last 6 weeks, I'm not sure why. When they all left our free food table at dom was overflowing, it was great.

Random thoughts:

I'm starting to forget names, it's terrible. Our district leader graduated from high school less than three weeks ago and his mother embroidered his initials on almost all his articles of clothing. I admire her zeal but question her use of free time. We learned an alphabet song that actually works (unlike the one we learned in russ 101, yay!) but it's now constantly stuck in my head. one of our teachers is Brat (brother) Spjut and when we say his name around other missionaries they think we say "Razputin". I accidentally told our "investigator" that I liked her closet (I mixed it up with the word for "scarf"

Okay no time! Love you all! I can't figure out how to find photos once I stick the sd card into the computer, even with a usb adapter. I guess I took a selfie this morning for nothing :) We get new russian missionaries next week, a lot of them. Fun times!

CecTpa Nielsen

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