Monday, January 11, 2016

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Various people called and texted to let us know about the wind warning of really fast winds on saturday night and to tell us not to go out (well, they told us 20-25 m/s and we were like "huh?", but quick sums on the planner), so we were like "hah" and went out. And it was fine. And windy. But really fine. Nothing stops us. Try harder next time. Okay actually it does kind of impede missionary work, but we try not to let it.

I don't know if I mentioned to everyone that our mission is doing a pilot program thingy to teach inactives all the missionary lessons? So we have three new key indicators now. It is generally pretty good because it means we (theoretically) have more meetings to keep us out of the cold (unless all your plans fall through, as they tend to do. It's the missionary life). On Thursday the time-date-temperature sign outside the train station read -28. I don't if I can describe how it feels but mostly it makes you feel like crying. But that does mean when the temperature gets back up to -5 you start to feel hot and the cold feels good. Hang on, I can't remember how I started talking about this.

Oh yeah. The elders' investigator who is crashing our lessons. If you were wondering how he does that, it's because he's friends with a less-active and they are in cahoots. For simplicity's sake we will in future refer to him as Vanya. He is actually extremely normal and nice and knows all our rules, but in his (English) words "I don't want to meet with the elders! I get to hang out with guys all the time. You are girls." So we asked him who he knew who we could teach and he was like "I don't know, maybe my mom?" so we have an appointment with his mom this week. He may have to start meeting with the elders again to help him get over the heartbreak when sister Palmer probably leaves next week.

I keep planning on making apple cookies during meal times but it hasn't worked out. The first time we didn't have quite enough flour, then our butter turned bad... I didn't even know it could do that. I mean, I did, but not that quickly. Today is the day, friends. The long wait will finally be over.

I finally got around to starting Jesus the Christ and I think I might need an English dictionary.

Sister Palmer turned out to have been hiding some classical music cds she inherited from her trainer's trainer, and I'm pretty sure it is definitely a distraction. Also things like me emerging from the shower and being like "THIS IS DVORAK" "uh, yeah?"

I want to invite you to work on your posture this week. I know I need to. I stand up straight but as soon as I get sitting down I just slump over. Probably has something to do with the perpetual inexplicable tiredness associated with missionary work (I get a healthy amount of sleep, I don't know what the deal is). Anyway, I promise that as you try to sit and stand up straight you will feel more confident and feel more energy to do the things you need/want to do. You'll also spare yourself unnecessary back pain.

Also re-read The Priesthood and Personal Prayer from april conference and will probably go re-re-read it again. It's quality. I recommend it.

I love you, you are great, have a great old Russian new year. Be safe and don't think about the fact that it's already January.

Sister Nielsen

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