Sunday, January 31, 2016

Skakalka acquired

It was 99 rubles. Embarrassingly, it made my calves sore for days. Made it hilarious to knock in apartment buildings with no lifts. For my companion, anyway. Also our neighbors don't seem to mind us jumping rope so that's cool. 

It's amazing how fast a week can go when you don't spend two days on trains! What are some things that happened this week...

A random woman invited us in off the street! That doesn't happen to us every day. She was a little unusual, but hey, I'll take it. She recited a lot of poems by a lot of people, but especially by Maksim Gorky. We talked so long outside that I started to get cold (which means Sister Palmer is freezing), so she finally invited us in for tea ("well, you see, we don't drink green or black tea. Only herbal..." "I have herbs". Oh how I love Russians and the herbs that they gather from the forest), a performance of some Russian folk songs, and a theological discussion. We're definitely going back.

Some nights that happens and some nights you plan to stop by someone's house and find yourself in a dark sketchy industrial area complete with barbed wire and an abandoned school, so you can't do anything except go back to the bus stop and wait thirty minutes for the next bus while ignoring the drunk men roaming free around the bus stop.

Speaking of drunk men, we're not supposed to talk to them, but if they open the door when we're knocking we kind of find ourselves stuck in a conversation for at least a little bit. One tried to persuade me that the Bible has no epistle of John and that the bruises on his chest were from an accident involving a dragon (I didn't catch all the details). 

Boy is it weird it's already February. We've been roped into a branch play production featuring Sherlock Holmes. I'm playing "light love". I think our district leader is being forced to wear a skirt. It should be pretty great. I'll send more info when I get it.

There's definitely more but that's all I got. Your heavenly parents love you! pray and love people. 

Sister Nielsen

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