Sunday, February 14, 2016

это же элементарно, ватсон

The Valentine's day activity did happen, and Sherlock Holmes did rescue sister Palmer and me from the clutches of the evil Gingema. I wish I'd gotten a picture with Sherlock (especially because he was wearing my fur shapka, and looked great), but I didn't get around to it. My district leader actually didn't have to (get to?) wear a skirt, but that was only because the person who was supposed to be the narrator couldn't come, and with a very limited selection of branch members (the star of the show wasn't even a member) they figured he was the most understandable of us all. So the role of Mrs. Hudson fell to his companion. I was talking to the friend of a less-active before the activity started, who pointed at him and said "who is that poor boy?"

Anyway, we lived, except I think they're planning another activity for men's day, which is in about a week and a half. Oh dear.

We're moving to a different apartment this week because president wants one of the sets of missionaries to be within a 10 minute walk of the branch building, and also going to Samara (more train rides, yay) so yikes, hopefully we will actually get missionary work done this week.

We actually have progressing investigators, it is miraculous and we are thrilled, life is good here.

The branch needs a lot of support.

Remember that part-member family that we were picking up in a taxi? Lately Lena, the mom, has been coming to church regularly, and it's awesome. She found the courage to leave a really bad situation and move, and the branch helped her out a lot. I'm so so proud of her. She's building her foundation on Christ now.

I love you all! Be brave like Lena and go check your foundations. Make sure they're secure. Find something you can do to make them still stronger. Have an excellent week))

Sister Nielsen

(T/N: это же элементарно, ватсон means "It's elementary, Watson."

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