Sunday, February 21, 2016

happy men day, men

Fortunately they aren't making us stay inside tonight or tomorrow, but we're supposed to avoid being outside and "cold contacting" (what is that? It's Russia! Everything is cold). It's actually "defender of the fatherland" day but military service is obligatory for men (with a few exceptions that mostly involve being wealthy) so it's men day! I thought I felt the average level of drunk-in-publicness going up.
I want you all to know that I've felt those angel body guards around me a lot, actually. It's good. I feel safe.
We had a zone conference and it was really good. All the zeal. I have a lot of goals about how to do my job better.
And because of some unfortunate events Sister Palmer and I ended up spending Wednesday night in the mission home (well, at the "second apartment", but that's what it means) instead of the Samara sister's apartment (although all our stuff was there), and it was super, super strange. President and Sister Schwab's daughter got all "this will be such a fun sleepover!" on us, but we just accepted their offering of oatmeal and contact lens solution and went to bed. I slept in a bed for the first time in two in a half months. Weird. I woke up and didn't know where I was.
Gave a talk in sacrament meeting for the first time here. I've arrived. It's funny, because our district leader speaks in sacrament meeting every week. So we thought he wouldn't have to for once, and then the branch president sprung it on him anyway. He was a little mad. I just tried to laugh quietly.
Train days are such a waste of TIME. ack. Learned how to say "pollen", "ink", and "waiting room".
Slowly trying to resolve our investigators' concerns. If we have time to meet with them.
All right. Love you all! That's all I got. I really like teaching about repentance.
Sister Nielsen

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