Sunday, March 13, 2016

A scattered note

So transfers, and Sister Palmer is headed down to Saratov, and I'm staying in Orenburg with Sister Thomas (the older one. Not the one I was with a few cycles ago). Which at first was surprising, because we are the oldest sister companionship in the mission, mission-age-wise. By a lot, actually. We have more cycles than even the trio companionship. But I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised, because she has two cycles left, and I know she's been hinting to president about coming to Orenburg for months now...

Anyway, I'm excited to work with her. I've been with her on splits a fair bit, and she's a lot of fun. Although (don't tell her this) one of my first thoughts was "nooo, I'm going to have to eat healthy!" Hahaha so it's not like Sister Palmer and I completely let ourselves go, but lately a lot of sisters have been drawing up "health contracts", which have requirements like "only one sweet a week" and strict punishments. So to get on that train Sister Palmer and I wrote one, but it ended up a lot different. As in, "only one dessert a day" and if we violate the rules we have to share a Word of Wisdom or Law of Chastity pamphlet with someone. It really is a noble cause, but we have way lower standards than everyone else. Sorry

Oh yeah, and the new elder in Orenburg is Elder Hemrick. Yup, that's my cousin.  So it'll be fun to actually get to know him.

Sister Thomas the younger and I relived the trio glory days in Samara with Sister Johnson while our companions were all on visa trips, and it helped me realize that at some point since getting separated from her I lost a bit of former contacting fire. So. Trying bring it back. Especially buses were becoming a weak point (sorry mama wilson. you raised me better), but the last few days it was looking a lot better. So I'm glad we get all these experiences to see how we can do better and set goals and all that good stuff.

What else happened with us this week: I'm sick of drunk people. Pray for me to have patience and not punch them. I'm behind in my journal again. Our new apartment was infested with cockroaches but they are all dead now :) Trains.
It's been a little hard to communicate this week. Most of my sentences have ended in groans of frustration. Or laughter, that's better

There is so so much to learn. There's so much to know. Don't stop or you slide backward. How do we keep our motivation to improve as fast as possible while still feeling okay about ourselves and satisfied with where we are right now? Better planning, I guess. The glory of God is intelligence. I liked the article in the march liahona about light. Improve and help people around you improve and take the correction when you get it, I guess. That's so important. We are really important to the people around us! If we weren't then the advised way to self-perfection would probably be to go live alone in the woods without human interaction for the rest of life. But it's not. Don't shy away from influencing the people around you. And take good from the people around you. Whoa, I'm starting to sound like a very sentimental russian boy I know.

I love you all! I wish you excellent weeks!
Sister Nielsen

A companion leaving the area means pictures! These aren't from my camera (yeah, we all know I'm awful at taking pictures), but this is us and Ulijana and Vanya (yeah, also he kind of openly declared his love for Sister Palmer over the pulpit in fast and testimony meeting yesterday... so maybe it's good she's leaving)
And this is us with Dima, the branch president's son. The elders like to lift with him on P-day.

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