Monday, March 28, 2016

ashtag alliluiya

Note: "ashtag alliluiya" is Russian for "hashtag hallelujah"

Gotta keep the alliteration going.

Nothing super notable happened this week, so watch me struggle to put it in some sort of logical order.

The weather has been springy. At the beginning of the week I had to get my heavy coat out again, and today I walked to the library without a hat and no one batted an eye. Everything is puddles. Raining makes for interesting contacting because there's even fewer people on the street than usual. (except no one seems to be in their house, either, so I'm not really sure where all the people are)

A lot of people cancelled on appointments, what else is new? Or we picked them up and took them to church and they ran away right before we got there. Still not sure what that was about. And it made us pretty late for church. A great lesson in not letting things bother me so much. Good thing we also tend to have unexpected lessons and investigators cropping up.

Talked about Easter at English on Friday, hid paper eggs and made our English club search for them. It was hilarious to watch and there's still one more egg that no one found hiding somewhere in the branch building.

Easter is great. I love it. I'm glad I'm living somewhere where I can celebrate it twice this year!

Reading in Helaman and wishing that the Spirit could carry Sister Thomas and me from multitude to multitude so we could invite people to repent. That would be so convenient. Also I just kind of want to be Nephi, so it would be sweet.

Here are some pictures:
We haven't ordered water in a while (they have the most inconvenient delivery times. 6-9? really?) but I discovered that our pump is the best place to keep my shapka. You have to keep it on something or you crush the fur.
I made a crustless pumpkin pie for Easter (I love pie crust, but it takes too long and Sister Thomas can't eat it). Please note the way that ice cream is packaged here. That was yesterday. There is no pie left.
Walking through absurd heavy snow. March.

Love you!
Sister Nielsen

Bonus photos! "I bought some beautiful shoes at the outdoor market during lunch. they were 600 rubles. (about $8.84) I also bought a beautiful scarf. but didn't take a picture. 
the statue man on the left is Pushkin"

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