Tuesday, May 10, 2016

sales tax

Hey, what's up?

Strolling down the street the other day and Sister Hines reminds me that in America there's sales tax. Well, most places in America. I can't believe I forgot about that! Here if your chocolate bar costs 64 rubles and 80 kopeeks, at the register it's 64 rubles and 80 kopeeks. Ah, the simplicity of Russia. What other vaguely unpleasant American things did I forget about?

We're still in a hotel. It's fine. Sometimes I wonder what the workers here think of us, though. I'll send a picture of the view of the volga through the window. I kind of wish it didn't face east so I 
wake up at 5:45 every morning, but we're working on getting out.

Today's victory day, that's a pretty big holiday here. There was a multi-ward activity for it on Saturday, it was two and a half hours of people singing songs. And a few poems. Mostly songs. Also apparently there was pie at the end, but Sister Hines and I bailed long before that. But yeah. I like Russia on holidays. People do weird things. Just now we were on the bus and a couple of teenage boys jumped on- one started holding out his hat and offering to sell cigarettes and candy, and the other one had a guitar and started singing a song about how we should all be friends. Everyone responded by getting off on the next stop. It was a little awkward when it was just them and us on the bus, but we only had one more stop left anyway.

It's a good life here. Contacting a lot. Happy Mother's day!

Sister Nielsen

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