Monday, May 2, 2016

tan or dirt?

Hey so weird things this week, we moved out of our apartment and into a hotel. Basically there's a new rule or something that makes it really hard for apartment owners to rent to foreigners, and our landlady couldn't get us registered, and we haven't found an apartment yet. At least, not one that can rent to us. So now we're actually not in our area, we're in the neighboring elder's area, except they had the same problem and last week and they just got moved to different cities. So I guess it's our area now? We'll call it oktyzavodskiy.

But if we, and by we I mean the stake president and his wife, can't find an apartment soon we may also get transferred to another city. Who knows. 

What I can say about the hotel room is that it's really convenient for sight and sound, but kind of inconvenient in that we currently have half the contents of a rather large sisters' apartment in it. Also we can now neither cook nor work out very well. We've been making up for it by running home at night.

Yesterday was a double holiday, easter happened to fall on may first. which is either may day or labor day. I heard four variations of the name? I think it depends on if you count old russian holidays or new russian holidays. Or you can just call it a triple holiday and get three times as drunk.

Had normal chuch and I finally met a lot of the members, promptly forgot a lot of their names, fortunately they're patient. I'd heard great things about members in Saratov and I wanted to say that they are all true things. They are SO COOL. Also we had someone in church for their first time and all we had to do was wave over president Markelov and say "hey this is Dmitriy, it's his first time here" and then we just sat back and watched as the members sprang into action, played with the kids, talked about whatever it is non-missionaries have in common with each other. I don't even know what we need missionaries for anymore, with members like that. Okay, joke. But I've never seen anything like it in Russia. I thought I might cry.

Okay, other than that and moving I think it was an ordinary week. Our appointments fell through and some people wanted Books of Mormon. And some people didn't. But that's okay and we're happy because it feels rewarding. 

I will become frustrated if I don't eat soon, so I'm going to sign off now I guess. Find someone you don't know in a place you frequently are and get to know them, okay? 

Have a wonderful week (hopefully not as terrifyingly short as this one).
I love you!
Sister Nielsen

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